• Training services for Site Administrators

    • For Platform Administrators

      Note that these training courses are structured sessions with set content. If you are wanting a workshop that’s tailored to your needs then contact us separately for more information

      Moodle for site administrators (6hrs)

      This training course is for current or future site administrators of Moodle sites. You will learn about managing a Moodle site using the administration interface. Topics covered include Course management and a quick overview of activity modules available in Moodle, User management (authentication, enrolment, groups, cohorts, roles and permissions), Appearance customisation (theme settings, frontpage and dashboard, blocks, language customisation), and Overview of advanced features (logs and reports, badges, competencies, community plugins)

      Totara for site administrators (6hrs)
      This training course is for current or future site administrators of Totara Learn sites. Since Totara shares many features with Moodle, we offer two pathways:
      • For users who are not familiar with Moodle or Totara: we will cover core functionality and features including course management, user administration and site appearance customization. 
      • For users who are familiar with Moodle site administration but haven’t used Totara before: more in-depth exploration of Totara specific features such as hierarchies, audiences, programs and certifications, learning plans. 
      You will get the introduction to Totara functionality, delivered by a trainer with experience administering numerous Totara sites. Note that this training course is a structured session with set content. If you are wanting a workshop that’s tailored to your needs then see Tailored workshops for more information or our deep-dive consulting sessions covering specific Totara features such as Programs and Certification, Seminars, User administration and the Report Builder.

      Up and running with Totara report builder (3hrs)
      This is the basic version of the Totara report builder workshop. It is meant for those who want to start making use of their data but do not have much or any experience building their own reports yet.

      In the workshop, we are going to build a series of reports using the Catalyst’s demo site. We are also going to look at how to share and present reports to your learners or staff. This practical approach will make it easy for you to get up and running with Totara report builder.

      Totara reports you need (Advanced) (4hrs)
      This is the advanced version of the Totara Report builder workshop.
      It is for those who may already be using the report builder but want to take advantage of its more advanced features, and/or require assistance with specific reports. In this workshop, we will cover more advanced features and can focus on your specific reporting needs. Where appropriate, we can work with your own data and build reports directly on your site.

      Programs and certifications in Totara (3-6hrs)
      0.5 - 1 day workshop (depending on the complexity of your requirements) to build a learning journey in Totara Learn is using programs and certifications.

      Using programs you can combine your courses into sets and sequences to create a personalized learning pathway for each user. Using certifications you can manage compliance, requiring your users to re-complete their training to renew their certification after a certain period of time.

      Seminar management in Totara (3hrs)
      The seminar activity is a great tool for creating, managing and reporting on face-to-face events. It is highly configurable so our workshop will help you learn how to work with all the features so you can efficiently manage your blended learning needs.

      Level 1 support training (3-6hrs)
      Are you setting up a helpdesk for your online learning environment, but lack experienced staff members who could train others?

      At Catalyst, we have decades of collective helpdesk support experience for learning platforms based on open-source solutions (Moodle, Mahara, Totara). We can help you train your staff to answer the usual questions and solve the most common issues with the core product, as well as any specific issues with your particular implementation.

      After an initial consultation online, the 0.5-1 day workshop (depending on the platforms and the complexity of your requirements) will be delivered by a skilled e-learning consultant.