• Moodle Educators Certificate

    • The Moodle Educator Certification Program is a training and certification program developed by Moodle HQ and delivered by certified Catalyst IT Europe Facilitators. It is designed to improve online and blended teaching with Moodle, using the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu) as inspiration for its content.

      What is covered:

      Aimed at educators and learning technologists, the program consists of the following 6 courses:

      • Professional engagement 
      • Digital resources 
      • Teaching and Learning 
      • Assessment 
      • Empowering learners 
      • Facilitating learners’ digital competence 

      See https://moodle.com/mec/ to find out more.

      • Duration: 8 weeks. You will need to complete all six courses in order to claim your certificate from Moodle HQ (please set aside about 6-8hrs needed per course)

      • Audience: Teachers, Learning Designers and Learning Technologists using Moodle

      • Start dates: 
        • Cohort 1: Monday 7th December 2020 - FULL
        • Cohort 2: Monday 1st March 2021 
        • Cohort 3: Monday 3rd May 2021

          (When making an enquiry please let us know which cohort you're interested in)

      • Entry requirements: Using the DigCompEdu competency scale, you should be at least at B1 level, however if you are at A2 then please get in touch so we can discuss how you can meet the suggested minimum level.
        See what level you are currently (opens in a new window)

      • Cost: 
        • Cohorts 1 & 2 - Introductory price of £500 paid to Catalyst for the 6 courses 
        • Cohort 3 - Usual price of £1000 paid to Catalyst for the 6 courses 


        • All cohorts - €200 paid to Moodle HQ on completion of all 6 courses to obtain your certificate

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      Image source: https://moodle.com/mec/