Topic outline

    • So you're moving to the Cloud - now what?

      Earlier this year, the MoodleMoot for UK and Ireland moved entirely online. In the same way, many of you will have had to do the same, or to have expanded your online provisions for reasons we are all well aware of! At that Moot, Aurelie and Richard presented about the considerations for that move - not just the move itself but what you need to consider following the move...

      The presentation covered:

      • Scaling and tuning your site
      • Incident Response and Fault Finding
      • Patching and Upgrades
      • Continuous Enhancement
      • and that most important factor which underpins everything - Staff Support and Pedagogy

      You can see the video of the presentation below, and download the pdf of the slides as well. (CC-BY-NC-SA)

    • A small gift for your Moodle for December the 11th, brought to you by Aurelie Soulier  and Richard Oelmann, from Catalyst IT Europe. 
      Richard Oelmann, Solutions Consultant, Catalyst Europe Aurelie Soulier , eLearning  Consultant, Catalyst Europe