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    • Multiblock

      With the vast array of functionality available in Moodle blocks, it can be very tempting to use them to support the main course materials for students. But too much of a good thing can sometimes be overwhelming, and too many blocks can lead to the infamous 'scroll of death'.

      We present the "Multiblock" plugin, a plugin that allows you to group blocks together to present them in a way that is more intuitive and accessible.

    • A typical course, with a generous amount of blocks:

      A core view of a course with a number of blocks on it, showing the length of scroll that can occur.

      The same course, using a multiblock to present as an accordion:

      A view of a course with a multiblock demonstrating collapsing several conventional blocks together into an accordion.

    • Multiblock presents a variety of layout options for your blocks - meaning that you can use different styles in different ways; accordion for a sidebar, while making use of the side-by-side views available for the main dashboard, giving you considerable creative freedom in what information you can make available in easy-to-get-at ways.

      More examples and screenshots are available from the plugin database entry page.

    • A small gift for your Moodle for December the 13th, brought to you by Peter Spicer from Catalyst IT Europe.Peter Spicer, Senior Developer / Practice Lead, Catalyst IT Europe