• Engage your colleagues with virtual workspaces and resource creation tools

      Totara 13 has finally arrived and with it comes Engage - a Learning Experience Platform with a suite of features to facilitate informal learning, team working, and cross-organisation sharing of self-made resources. 

      What can you do with Totara Engage?
      Any user can create a resource that is shareable across the platform to:
        • Report on a recent event they've attended
        • Summarise a course or training programme they've just completed
        • Share Tips and tricks they've picked up from experience
        • Promote a video or article they've found online and wanted to share to a specific audience
        • Build a Knowledge base for a team/department to use to troubleshoot problems
        • Create playlists of content to save and share with others

    • A small knowledge sharing gift  for December 14th brought to you by Sam Taylor from Catalyst IT Europe.