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    • Update and convert your H5P activities

      Following on from our earlier Advent Calendar entry making use of H5P, today brings you another Moodle HQ released tool for all those who have been using H5P for some time.

      Many of us have activities in our Moodle sites imported or created using the H5P plugin tool that was commonly used upto Moodle 3.8. With the inclusion of H5P in Moodle core, there is a benefit to bringing those activities into the core tool and the content bank.

      This new plugin gives you both an admin UI and a command line tool to convert your existing H5P plugin activities to core content bank resources. It will scan for non migrated H5P activities and will create any new activities as needed. 

    • H5P migration tool user interface   H5P Migration - command line

    • A small gift for your Moodle for December the 19th, brought to you by Richard Oelmann from Catalyst IT Europe. 
      Richard Oelmann, Senior Solutions Consultant, Catalyst Europe