• All I want for Christmas is the cloud

      We understand how complex and challenging forming a cloud strategy can be, and often the number one consideration will be cost. Moving from a traditional hosting setup to a variable and pay-as-you-go costing model presents significant challenges and can often feel like a large and unquantifiable question to answer. That’s where the AWS calculator and the Total Cost of Ownership approach can help. You can find the AWS calculator at the link below and this can be configured to shed some light on on this most pressing of questions.


      We also recognise that without context or prior benchmarking and experience it is impossible to build a realistic calculation. We can help, with a short chat and some consideration of basic traffic statistics for your site, Catalyst are able to deliver you a fully costed AWS cloud estimate. You can get in touch with us via our contact us page (at location) to build your estimate now.

    • AWS Calculator   AWS Calculator

    • A small gift for your Moodle for December the 22nd, brought to you by Joey Murison from Catalyst IT Europe. 
      Joey Murison, Catalyst-EU General Manager