• Moodle Overflow

      Have you ever needed a straightforward Q&A forum, one which doesn't restrict the thread by time, but allows users to promote responses based on how useful they are?

      Well, Moodle Overflow may be your answer.

      It provides a question and answer format similar to Stack Overflow. Replies are shown in a non-chronological order, where they are promoted according to the number of vote points they are given. Those vote points can be awarded by other users upvoting the response, by the original questioner marking the response as helpful, or by the course teacher marking it as a solution. Those voting points also accumulate for the users themselves, to build a reputation score, similar to that used in Stack Overflow, which can be displayed alongside the user's name in the forum.

      This plugin has uses in the classroom, enabling a co-created resource which can be moderated (solutions marked correct) by the tutor, and also for support teams, creating a user self-help question and answer bank.

      Moodle overflow example screenshot

      The one caveat for this plugin is the apparent current lack of mobile support, which is noted in the comments section of the plugins database entry.

      This plugin is developed by Learnweb – University of Münster and can be downloaded from the Moodle Plugins database

    • A small gift for your Moodle for December the 23rd, brought to you by Richard Oelmann from Catalyst IT Europe. 
      Richard Oelmann, Senior Solutions Consultant, Catalyst Europe