• Keyboard Shortcuts for Moodle

      This contribution to our Advent Calendar comes from the wider Moodle community and is linked, with permission, to a recent blog post by Dr Robert O'Toole of University of Warwick.

      Dr O'Toole found himself creating more and more Moodle based web pages and wishing for simpler navigation, particularly for his common tasks and workflows. His blog post shows how he resolved this issue using browser bookmarklets to create keyboard shortcuts to his common tasks, similar to Windows macros.

      Currently, Dr O'Toole's blog refers specifically to Safari bookmarklets, but we'd love to hear from anyone who has done similar for other browsers, or with Windows macros and the like.

    • Dr Robert O'Toole's blog

    • A small gift for your Moodle for December the 4th, brought to you by Richard Oelmann from Catalyst IT Europe. Courtesy of Dr Robert O'Toole, University of Warwick.
      Richard Oelmann, Senior Solutions Consultant, Catalyst Europe