Topic outline

    • Use User Tours to enhance your learners' experience

    • What are User Tours?

      User Tours are visual and positional step by step guides, which can be added by administrators in Moodle or Totara.example of tour screenshot

      They can be created for the main site pages (home/dashboard) or specific courses. 

      When to use User Tours?

      User tours are a useful way of presenting additional information on-screen; whether it is to show new users around the interface, to introduce new plugins or features, to guide staff around added activities and resources to a templated course, to walk the learner through the information on a on specific screen, or to produce a simple introductory dialogue box. 

      How do User Tours work? 

      A User Tour is presented to the learner as a pop-up dialogue box, the first time they enter the specific page. Each pop-up dialogue box explains the main element(s) on the page that the user needs to interact with or simply displays text for the user to read.   These pop-up boxes only appear on the first visit to the course, unless the learner (or an administrator) resets the User Tour.

      User Tours can be applied to a single course, a category or a whole site.

      How do I make a Tour?

      They can be created in  Site administration >  Appearance > User tours, or templates can be downloaded from  .

      The Moodle Doc page for User Tours is:

      Tip: if a tour design you imported doesn’t match your layout, the Tour will automatically skip the elements that aren’t in your Course.

      TIpTours can also be used for multilingual content if required, using the multi-lang filters.

      Tip: Catalyst IT Europe can provide training  to your team on designing User Tours, or, if you’re one of our clients, we can design User Tours for you, using your SLA hours. 

    • Example 1:
      Simple onboarding introduction that appear on the learner’s first visit to the Dashboard

      gif animation showing how the User tour looks in dashboard for student

    • Example 2:

      Activity-related instructions: how to submit an assignment in Moodle

      gif animation showing how the User tour looks in assignment submission for student

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      Aurelie Soulier , eLearning  Consultant, Catalyst Europe