• Load testing at Catalyst

      Performance and load testing are one of the fundamental disciplines when it comes to ensuring quality, functionality and peace of mind in advance of releasing a finalised software product.

      Apache Jmeter is Catalyst’s tool of choice when it comes to analysing the behaviour of web dynamic applications, but there are many other applications which can help reach your load testing goals.

      APDEX table and graph to illustrate load testing results
    • Why are these testing practices required? 

      To begin with, they will not only provide confidence in the system, its reliability and performance, but this way we will be able to successfully identify bottlenecks and any potential performance issues that may arise in the future. Knowing this information enables us to prepare and form strategies to avoid any unwanted situations.

      Which type of testing do I require?...You might ask yourself

      Depending on your goal, Catalyst can accommodate your needs. From executing our standard test script bundle targeting essential Moodle components, to creating a special set of scripts for more complex scenarios and functionalities. Our AWS virtual machines allow us to simulate very high user load and transactions per minute, giving us the ability to further evolve our load tests into hard hitting Spike Testing and Endurance Testing.

      If you are worried about how your site might handle traffic during your yearly peak dates, load testing ahead of time can help provide peace of mind and assurance that your web application will not crumble when put against usage that is higher than usual. You will be able to spot weak links in your infrastructure and architecture in advance and prepare proactively for the next projected peak time.

    • A small gift for your Moodle for December the 9th, brought to you by David Dinu from Catalyst IT Europe. 
      David Dinu, Catalyst IT Europe