• Day 2

    • Review site version - any updates or new features?

      Moodle and Totara are constantly changing for the best! The communities are frequently coming together suggesting features and reporting bugs, and so it's important to stay up to date with what's available.

      It could be that your LMS has had an upgrade since you last used it or since the last time your course ran. When (re)building your course you should try and find some CPD time to see what's new and now available to you - you never know, a feature that you've been longing for might now be in your version!

      Below you can find some resources on the latest versions of Moodle, Totara and Mahara. Your own eLearning platform support team should keep you in the loop every time a new version of your platform is on the horizon, but you can also independently keep up with news by participating in forums, reading blogs and attending webinars!

      Suggested by Sam Taylor, Senior eLearning Consultant and MEC Facilitator, and Lya Gobetti, eLearning Consultant.