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    • And so, ‘tis the season!

      The firelogs are crackling, the chill has fallen upon us and the marshmallows are poised and ready for the toasting! And to commemorate the start of the festive winter season, we decided to bestow you all with the best gift there is - the gift of knowledge! Course design knowledge, to be precise.

      Starting today and up until the 16th of December, our e-Learning experts at Catalyst EU will be sharing 12 top tips to refresh your course design. How to keep your content organised and up to date, fostering collaborative learning, helping your students to stay engaged and on-track, and much, much more!

      Each day we will reveal the next step on how to enhance your course, so make sure to check back every day, and please do share your work - the more the merrier! And if you have any questions please reach out using the #12DaysOfCatalyst hashtag on Twitter or LinkedIn; we’ll be more than happy to help you with your course design needs.
  • Day 4

    • Check links and resources are up to date

      Every time you have a course that you know learners will soon be accessing again, it’s important to look through the resources within the course as if you were doing it for the first time.

      Very often URLs, links and references you added a year prior may cease to exist, their reference may change, and so on so forth. Reviewing the course content before renewing it guarantees users will not find any hurdles when going through the course you created for the first time.

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      Things to check:

      • URLs - check that the destination website is still active and relevant. This can often be true of links to PDFs as well.

      • Library resources - often resources used from the library have their own licence. Double check that you still have permission to share them.

      • External media - this goes for videos (such as those on YouTube or Vimeo) or links to podcasts. Make sure that embedded content is displayed correctly and that it hasn't been removed from its source page.

      • External tools - do they need to be reconfigured? Have you discovered a better tool in the time since you first implemented the tool?

      • Open Content - do you still have permission to use the content in your course? Has the Creative Common licence changed?

      Suggested by Lya Gobetti, eLearning Consultant