• Day 7

    • Identify portfolio tasks

      Portfolio building is a vital skill that will get your learners reviewing, experimenting, presenting and reflecting on their progress and learning.

      As I've recently shared on twitter:

      "Reflective portfolios are not meant to be left to the last minute. They should capture the ‘aha’ moments, the ‘oh I did good!’ moments, and the ‘whoops, that didn’t go so well’ moments. The input is just as important as the output 🥰 "

      Source: https://twitter.com/

      So, how can you use portfolios? Portfolios could be:

      • collated during the length of the course, with learners reflecting on progress through a journal, and rounded off with a reflection and action plan
      • used to show the progress through a project or research
      • a showcase of current skills and knowledge for career planning and progression

      Tools for consideration

      • Assignment - allow for online text and multiple file uploads
      • Wiki - set to 'individual wiki' and the learners can add and structure content over time
      These can also be done individually or in groups.


      The above tasks can easily be facilitated using an ePortfolio tool such as Mahara.
      Mahara can be linked to your Moodle or Totara site's assignment tool, so you can use the same rubrics, grading forms and outcomes as you'd normally use:


      If you're interested in Mahara and how your learners could benefit from using it then please either reach out to your Learning Technologies team or to us via: https://www.catalyst-eu.net/contact-us/brighton


      • ePortfolios for Educators
        This is a resource created by me (Sam Taylor) to help anyone wanting to explore ePortfolio adoption in learning.

      • eBook curated by Lisa Donaldson, formerly of Dublin City University

    • Suggested by Sam Taylor, Senior eLearning Consultant and MEC Facilitator