• Day 8

    • Seek activities on MoodleNet and other OER hubs

      As educators, we work very hard to make sure our learners have the best presented and most up to date information possible. We often take it upon ourselves to create resources from scratch, which can often be very time intensive.

      There are so many people out there who have openly shared their resources and are perfectly happy for you to use them. Problem is, where to look?

      OER repositories:

      These are places you can go to find content and courses that have already been created. These resources can also be edited and adapted to suit your learners' needs. Be sure to check the creative commons licence attached to each one. You can find some further information below:


      If your Moodle administrator has it configured, you can pull in content from MoodleNet:

      Moodle Academy has made resources available to anyone who wants to explore this new tool, but if you have time, make yourself a drink and watch the video below:

      If you're interested in a MoodleNet demo or want to discuss setting up your own instance of MoodleNet for your organisation, get in touch!

    • Suggested by Sam Taylor, Senior eLearning Consultant and MEC Facilitator